Colour Codes of Essential Oils &

Etheric Actions of Essential Oils

Working with Essential Oils has now taken on a whole new meaning – Discover the beautiful colour vibrations within each essential oil, learn about how these colours act on the Chakras, the meridians and the Light Bodies and Energy Fields.

Explanations of oils will lead you to a deeper understanding of their evolving use in today’s new higher vibrational energies.

Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy - Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Vibrational Healing-Etheric Actions & Colors of Essential Oils

This book will enhance and expand your healing experience, whether you are using them for yourself or you are a professional practitioner.  Unique information and descriptions will help you to understand why you choose an oil, and why it benefits you.

A must for the serious spiritual seeker of healing and enlightenment!

Includes a Special Summary Chart

The book not only gives plenty of explanations on each oil, but also includes a quick reference Summary Chart, so that you can see at a glance just what is indicated, and just where it is being most effective.  This way you are able to fully utilise the oil for maximum effect or simply focus the energies in specific areas for the results you seek.  And you can do it quickly.

The information is new, unique and welcome in these times of massive intensity and change.  Treat yourself now!

Secrets Beyond Aromatherapy - Essential Oils to Heal & Clear Your Body, Mind & Spirit

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