Clean Up Toxic and Residual Energies

Clean Up Toxic and Residual Energies

Do We Really Need to Clean Up Toxic or Residual Energies?

When working with energies in energy work, not every practitioner recognizes just what occurs when one engages the energy of another in order to provide assistance in healing.

When someone is ill, they usually are demonstrating established toxicities in their physical bodies.  This has been in their aura and energy fields for some time before manifesting in the physical, usually as long as at least a year or 18 months.  This can be like a saturation of the negative toxicities producing physical imbalance in the body.

When a practitioner is constantly around this sort of thing, they can begin to become somewhat saturated too.  An accumulation of energies occurs, which can eventually affect the practitioner.  Unless toxic and residual energies are dealt with competently, meticulously and regularly, they will create some sort of detrimental energetic affect on the therapist or practitioner.

For some people, they can fend some of these energies off, but inadvertently take them home with them.  Which then means that they are processed on the domestic or home level, and may be played out through other family members, creating mood or emotional imbalances or even illness in a per or family member.

For others, it can affect their interactions with other co-workers or colleagues, without being recognized for what they are: toxic and residual energies seeking to continue their existence through continued engagement by others.

Learning how to recognize and clean up these energies becomes paramount for the dedicated practitioner.

White Light Meditation is not Always Enough!

Simply using a ‘white light’ technique is not always enough, depending on the other circumstances in one’s personal life.  It can certainly help with some things, but other ‘things’ may slip through that require a different approach.

One of the best things a practitioner can do is to have a comprehensive arsenal of tools in their possession in order to allow them the best function in their vocation.

Use the Right Specific and Effective Guided Meditations

A great Guided Meditation that I have found very helpful is the Psychic Body Toner Meditation.

It helped me so much that I recommend it to most clients and even made a meditation audio for you.  You can check it out here: Psychic Body Toner Meditation.

Another great meditation I can personally recommend is the Diamond Clearing Meditation which both clears and strengthens the energy bodies.  You can check it out here: Diamond Clearing Meditation.

You can also help yourself in one easy process and clean up toxic and residual energies from others collected during your day with the Close Down Meditation’.


Complete Self Help Book

If you want to learn more self help techniques check out my new book:

‘Secrets Behind Energy Fields – Strengthen & Clear Your Entire Body Using Proven, Ancient Techniques’.

It teaches easy step-by-step techniques.  In simple language, and with clear illustrations, you can learn easy cleansing and protecting techniques that will put a handy self help healing tool into your very own hands.

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